Where We Believe The Beard Maketh The Man....


Such Felicity! Scott Speedman...who knew?

Gosh.  This man... he did it for me then, he certainly does it for me now.  I just wish he would do it to me.


Hey Jude...

...I'm digging the face-pelt.


Watching Kingdom of Heaven as we speak.

That boy got beard.  Mmmm.

 Those eyes...


And yeah I know its not much of a beard in this last one but fuck...the boy's got no top on and he has the same tat as me so... I had to post.  I can't imagine you could possibly complain.


He Just Never Grows Old.

Another long term crush of mine, the ageless Keanu Reeves,
who I just never tire of. Ever.

So, shall we do The Broody Tragedian?

My god that leather jacket on him...
Or The GetoverhereNOWyedurtyride?

I can't decide....


Are you kidding me with this?

In a world where Alex Pettyfer exists it was hard to think how it could possibly get any better.  Then he went and grew a beard.  Chair squirming stuff...

This man has THE best happy trail I've ever seen... 

The Man That Started It All.

This is where the Beard Love started for me. 
Justin Vernon.
My No.1 Mmmmmusician. 

New album coming out next week. Cannot. Wait.

And a new tattoo too, it seems.


Mind If I Join You?

I spent last night standing about six feet away from this rather Delicious Specimen of Beardedness as he rocked out on stage with his band, and flirted with the audience as only a Southern Man can.
Unfortunately he had his clothes on...


Devine Levine...

So, I may not remotely be a fan of Maroon 5, 
but let's face it, this post is not really about the music now, is it?

Ah, to hell with it....
it's probably not really even about the beard....

....so it must be the tattoos, right?


Ashton Kutcher Does Good Beard.

Yes. He does. Possibly the most beautiful man in Hollywood, how can he not? 






And do read here and here for some great theories and notions on such subjects as 'Beard Acting'.


Jasper, Jackson, Either Will Do Thanks.

Just thought I'd keep with the Twilight theme here for a moment.

Coz Jackson just does it for me.....


I like to be consistent with my views on things...

So its nice to see that my love affair with Josh Brolin that started with The Goonies can continue...  I mean after seeing 'W' I didn't think we could go on... then I watched True Grit and HALLELUJAH!

Yeah his character was a shit but I would still DO him! For sure...

Sexy bastard...



I don't know how to cope with this picture.

Jesus this man really really does it for me.  I just wish he would spare the time to do it TO me.  In that shower.  Now. Please.